Other Whites

Roll over: Golden goodness, little white flowers, pear, lime, cinnamon, brioche, candied pineapple

Vermentino from Heathcote, Victoria. Deeply golden in appearance with plenty of sediment in the bottle. Nose of honeyed flowers and a beguiling array of layered fruit. Caramelised pear tart and lime and cinnamon. It shows more commonalty with a Northern Rhône white than its ancestral roots from the Mediterranean.

SOS don’t want accolades or shining medals, they just wanted to make delicious wines that punch above their weight, are inclusive and most importantly are sociable; to be shared with friends at a favourite bar top, to have at home with hump day dinner, take with confidence to a dinner party or in the park with the gang on a sunny Sunday – wines for every day in every way. The team are extremely lucky and blessed to work with wonderful grape growers from all over Victoria who share their passion for interesting wines that speak of the place they come from. Whether it be from way down south in Mornington Peninsula, through to the Yarra Valley and all the way up to the famous Heathcote region. They make wine with as little added as possible except for good honest grapes. SOS; not trying to change the world, just a couple of souls, one glass at a time.

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Roll over: This is gorgeous, with a gently sweet and focused frame of date and dark rum hints

This is gorgeous, with a gently sweet and focused frame of date and dark rum hints, set around a core of golden raisin, green tea, ginger, toffee and roasted almond notes. The finish lets a dry echo hang in the background, adding length and contrast. Drink now. WS

Apostoles is dark amber in colour. It is an interesting wine with an elegant and delicate nose similar to an Amontillado with notes of concentrated fruits. However complex and intense on the palate with notes of caramel, mature wood, nuts and candied orange peel.

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Roll over: Multiple layers of toasted hazelnut, vanilla and incense with an aftertaste that goes on and on.

A brilliant amber colour, Bodega Urium’s beautiful Amontillado has been aged for 17 years. This lengthy ageing process has resulted in a mahogany hued sherry with aromas of toffee and raisin on the nose. It bursts into the mouth with multiple layers of toasted hazelnut, vanilla and incense with an aftertaste that goes on and on. 

A dry, neutral wine is made from Palomino grapes and is left to mature under a level of flor. Flor is a white crust that forms as the result of natural yeasts in the bodega. It feeds on oxygen and alcohol and gives the Sherry a distinct yeasty character. After at least two years under this crust, the wine is fortified to at least 17 percent, which kills the flor. The longer this period is, the stronger the yeast character will be in the finished wine.

Roll over: Dry and nutty. The perfect aperitif

This is a pale and golden Sherry with delicate almond aromas. Light on the palate and slightly salty due to the aging cellars being located on the pier at El Puerto de Santa Maria. This wine is aged for 3+ years under flor or flower yeast.

One of the most famous categories of Sherry and is made with the help of flor – a kind of yeast that covers the maturing wine, giving it the idiosyncratic flavour that it possesses.

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Roll over: The concentration of this wine is balanced by remarkable freshness.

Fresh and lively, it sings on the palate! Pear, apple, spice, florals and honeyed notes can all be found in this complex wine made with Pinot Gris from the Home Vineyard site. The luscious texture is followed by incredible refreshing acidity, leaving the palate cleansed and wanting more.

This rich, layered and complex wine manages to retain freshness and structure thanks to the elevation of the site and the concentration from the drying process.

Prophet’s Rock know that great wines begin in the vineyard. That’s why they embrace an approach to winemaking that shares the splendour of the place rather than pronounced winemaking characteristics. The result Iconic wines that invoke Central Otago’s striking, unforgettable beauty.